Who Fits the Long Bob with Balayage Coloring?

First and foremost, let us find out what is a balayage. It is a coloring technique that has its origin among colorist from France dating back to the 1970s. It is a freehand technique and the word itself means sweep and is suitable for all length of hair. Before considering a balayage colored long bob, find out if your face shape is fit for a long bob. There are basic care rules that =you will require to maintain the long bob:

  • Comb it less frequently;
  • Wear it in a texture that will utilize your natural hair thus reduced need of a straightener;
  • Reduce the use of heated products;
  • Trim your hair every three weeks for shape and length maintenance;
  • When washing, rinse with a blast of cold water for extra shine.

Let’s now look at persons who are more favored and fit the long bob with balayage coloring.

Newbies to Hair Color Change

If you are used to utilizing your natural hair color and are considering a hair color change, you are a perfect candidate for the balayage highlights. They will introduce you to hair dying in a soft and way without drastically changing your hair color. A balayage works with any hair color and since a long bob like frequent washes, you may need to visit the salon for a balayage touch up every few weeks.

Patient with Stylists

Getting the perfect balayage highlights for you may take multiple highlighting sessions. If you are a patient person more so with your stylist trusting them to take time to get you a great look, this long bob is great for you. Getting the bob is easy but the balayage is quite some work to attain. The darker your hair, the more highlighting sessions you will need to get it right. The stylist will share with you these shades of balayage for you to choose from:

  • Pearly is most common and features sandy brown with light pinkish purple ends, silver light or pastel lavender;
  • Rose quartz;
  • Peach;
  • Rose gold;
  • Blue Balayage.

The shade you choose will determine how long it will take to get amazing results. After this hectic process, the balayage is quite a low maintenance hairstyle more so with the long bob.

The long bob with balayage coloring is perfect for ladies who want a sweet low maintenance look. If you have the above qualities, be sure that you will rock this amazing hairstyle and the result will be a sun-kissed appearance.

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