Best Haircuts for Platinum Hair

There are hundreds of new trends in the world that have to do with different aspects of hair. One of the most popular ones over the last, without any doubt, is dyeing hair white, grey, and platinum. Although it looks stunning on its own, we created a list of hairstyle options which will enhance the color and make it deeper and richer. 

Good Old Straightened Hair

Despite the fact that in the last ten years hundreds of hairstyles appeared, it is not a reason to forget good old classic. Straightened hair is going to be a perfect hairstyle for platinum blond ladies. It will also work on different length from medium to long. Nevertheless, it is important to prep and style the hair properly so it will look shiny and smooth instead of dry and fuzzy. One more tip: we all know that platinum blond is a tricky color which can turn yellowish very easily. So, if you see any signs of that it is best to stay away from straightened hairstyle as it will only emphasize the yellow color. 

 Casual Beachy Waves

Another option that looks good in most cases, on platinum blond included, is casual beachy waves. This hairstyle is both trendy and flattering on the majority of the women. In our case, it is a win-win. It will look perfect on freshly dyed hair but is the time passed and there is a yellowish undertone in your hair – no worries. Messy casual waves will conceal this little problem by creating volume and texture. 


There is absolutely no surprise that braids are included in our list as it is a good and stylish alternative for classic hairstyles that can become boring over a long period. You may think that it makes no sense to hide the beautiful platinum blond in braids, but that is not the case. It looks absolutely stunning. Do not believe us? Look at Emily Clark in the Game of Thrones: her hair looks nothing less than perfect. Especially good will be braided with side bangs and a little loose hair on the back of the head. 

Textured Feathers 

Last, but not least hairstyle options in our list are ones with feathered strands. It has all the same advantages as beachy waves but can look more effortless and natural. Moreover, this hairstyle is relatively easy for regular women to do. 

We hope that this list will be helpful for our gorgeous ladies with platinum blond and maybe will encourage other no less gorgeous women to try this trendy color for themselves!

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