How to look stylish with unruly hair: the best options for hairstyles

There are several steps to make your hair look great. It starts with choosing the perfect haircut and finishes with doing hairstyling on an everyday basis. In this perspective, it could be quite a challenge for women with unruly hair. 

First of all, it is important to determine what problems can women with shaggy hair can experience. Usually, those are porosity, fuzziness, and dryness. That is why the main objective is to either hide these issues with a suitable hairstyle or to improve the texture with styling techniques. After careful consideration of all the points, we created a list of flattering options.  Follow the link to learn more about it.

All Kinds of Buns and Ponytails

A bun is a good idea of a hairstyle on an every-day basis. It has more than one advantage, that is for sure. One of the major ones – it is easy to make. There are millions of beautiful hairstyles, but let’s be honest: how many women have the skills or the time to do them? Moreover, a bun can hide all the issues we named in the beginning. By brushing the hair and making the bun tight, a woman can hide porosity and fuzziness. If you do not want to spend the time on it – no worries, natural and messy buns are in trend anyway. The exact same goes for ponytails that are a good alternative for an everyday hairstyle. Win-win. 

Straightened Hair

Another option that will help conceal the problems of shaggy and unruly hair is to straighten it. It may sound like an obvious and easy choice, but the secret of making it look good is styling. In this variant, we will focus on making the hair smooth and shiny. To achieve that you can use a fan and a brush that is going to provide smoothness but still leave volume. Another way is to straighten it with an iron, but be careful not to burn the hair. The effect will last until you wash the hair. This option is going to work both for everyday life and a night out. Here on the site, you will find more information.

Casual Waves   

Casual waves that are on the peak of their popularity is a good hairstyling idea for shaggy or unruly hair too. There are several ways to do waves: you can start by prepping the hair by brushing it with a fan and then using a curling iron. This option will create a smooth texture. There are many interesting examples. Another way is to simply curl the hair using a gel before. This will give the effect of messiness and casualness. 


Last, but not least idea of a hairstyle for shaggy and unruly hair in our list are all kinds of braids. There is not much to say about them besides they are crazy popular all around the world. The reason in works is because it conceals all the issues of unruly hair such as porosity and fuzziness. 

To sum everything up, if you have unruly and shaggy hair, it is not a reason to panic. You can choose anything from our carefully prepared list, and guaranteed, you will look beautiful and stylish.